providing life essential services to the Venice area
Thursday Free Market food give away - slide show
Pantry Partners:     Venice Food Not Bombs

Venice United Methodist Church
World Declaration on Nutrition,1992
Paragragh 1
We recognize that access to nutritionally adequate and safe food is a right of each individual. We recognize that globally there is enough food for all and that inequitable access is the main problem.
Bearing in mind the right to an adequate standard of living, including food, contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we pledge to act in solidarity to ensure that freedom from hunger becomes a reality.
( Adopted by the International Conference on Nutrition, Rome, December 1992 )


Pantry Wish and Needs List:
· Zip Lock Baggies, 1 Quart Size - $50 per month
· Dutch Door for Pantry Office - $800 estimate (free prime/paint/labor)
· Rack Shelf System for Pantry Office, medium heavy duty - $437.33 (free
· Box Truck Debt - $1,600. owed as at March 2009
· Rim for the spare tire on box truck  cost unknown
· Liability insurance on the box truck - $300 every six months
Office Supplies Used for Bulk distribution: 
· Ink for printer  HP 14
· Laser Labels  Avery 5160

To Donate or Volunteer, contact Peggy Lee Kennedy
310 365 0985 or

The Peace and Justice Pantry is an all-volunteer partnership project of Venice Food Not Bombs and the Venice United Methodist Church.

The Pantry was formed in order to embrace ideals of justice while providing vital and essential life sustaining services to people currently un-served or underserved in the Venice area, including those living in vehicles, homeless, disabled, minors, seniors, working poor, families, and anyone else in need.

The Venice United Methodist Church is the fiscal sponsor for the Pantry and tax deductible donations can be made through the church. The Pantry is not an evangelical tool of the church and it does not discriminate against people based on religious beliefs, lack of religious belief, sexual preference, gender identity, housing status, ethnicity, or race.

Things You Can Do To Help Homeless People Right Now

1.Fight NIMBYism

2.Lobby in favor of affordable housing, emergency services, and emergency alternatives

3.Get Directly Involved!

Basic Operational Information:
· The Pantry office holds bulk foods - rotated through storage based on
dates and based on the bulk amounts donated.
· Bulk food is bagged in Zip Lock Baggies, labeled, and stored in food
grade buckets weekly by volunteers.
· The Pantry uses a box truck to do food donation pick ups and
distributions every week.
· Thursday morning, Pantry coordinators gather food donations, try to
fill the box truck.
· Thursday afternoon, a large Free Market is held in the Church parking
lot with fresh produce, bulk foods in buckets from the pantry, clothing,
blankets, and other supplies
· Friday and Saturday, pantry coordinators distribute overflow to
multiple food programs in Venice, Santa Monica, and MacArthur Park.