Just as the WTO has become the coordinating body for the corporate agro-industrial complex - its sweatshops and strip mines, clearcut, plantations and genetics labs; just as the IMF has become the hub of global corporate finance - its brutal debt policies, interest rates, austerity plans, and concentration of wealth, so the U.S. Space Command is increasingly the coordinating hub of 21st century military terror of space-age  counterinsurgency war to enforce the economic and environmental violence of corporate globalization."
-  Vandenburg's Global Reach (Rising Wind Press November 2000)  -

As the January 31, 2001 New York Times confirmed  U.S. military satelites are now guiding the defoliation planes, helicopter gunships and elite military strike teams as they accelerate their offensive in southern Colombia, leaving the jungle - in the Times words "a pale brown, wiped free of vegatation for miles around" while the rightist death squads move in behind the official army.

A nonviolent indigenous uprising on Kwajalein (the Earth's largest coral atoll, Vanderberg's Pacific target) and intensive civil resistance acions in VAFB security zones disrupted base operations and first-strik nuclear missile testing there in the 1980's. In the Summer and Autumn of the year 2000, the Vandenberg resistance campaign re-emerged in with hundreds of people confronting base security troops and dozens arrested during backcountry and gate actions.

On May 19, 2001 hundreds of concerned people will converge on Vanderberg's breathtakingly beautiful coast, for a mass nonviolent security zone occupation, like Viegues, to challenge, confront and disrupt its conterinsurgency satelite launch complex - undergirded by nearby prison labor and also used to guide nuclear missiles and Star Wars weapons. As Vanderberg's survelince and targeting satelites guide North American SWAT/INS teams and corporate/military/strike forces from Turkey to Indonesia, we have the power to rise up and say no - as we did in Seattle. JOIN US!

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