Boston Dawna’s Sewer Putsch: Fascism And Spectacle in Venice Beach, California

Some History of the Unhoused (Homeless), Rv’s, Buses Vans and Cars, and the hard ground

The Native Americans (Indians) forced off their land by European colonization and then onto reservations. These original inhabitants of North America, the First Nations people where the first to suffer Persecution. The Indian people are some of the poorest people in this country. Sitting Bulls Tribe the Ogala Sioux live on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. This is the poorest community in the United States.

Indian Leader

Adolph Hitler studied the colonization of North America. He applied this knowledge to his conquests and expansion of Nazi Germany.

Fascism takes on many forms and changes to adapt to different times.Just like a mutant virus adapts to the host body and tries to destroy it.

Propaganda, lies and deception are used to demonize the target group. Terms like criminals, transient bums and gypsies have been used to describe the people living on the streets of Venice. Violent hateful speech Constantly bombards this minority community. Groups and sympathetic individuals that oppose these viscous rants have also been ridiculed by these misinformed hate mongers. Internet Blogs Radio and TV shows and open confrontations with police backup have been used to spread hatred in the community. People who want street People treated like the human beings are slandered and ridiculed.

The Nazi Germans and other fascists took a special interest in the Gypsy peoples. They where rounded up and sent to concentration camps. Some Gypsies had two different colored eyes, one brown one blue. The German Scientists took special interest in these characteristics. Extremely cruel And useless experimentation where performed on the Gypsies.

The recent events around an alleged dumping of waste on a city street is an example of fascism and spectacle designed to spread hatred towards a minority. The person who witnessed this alleged act has openly expressed hatred for the unhoused (homeless) and their friends. This person is a member of the local neighborhood watch and has been seen with a police radio supplied by the LaPD. Her posted rants on the Yo Venice Internet blog are misinformed and irrational. Mixing local politicians with private activists and legal workers. The people named in this rant have no more ties than to know each other’s names and to have attended meetings together. The people who post to this blog and other information sites know nothing about the people mentioned or the groups they work with. Some of these groups have a high degree of understanding and training in resisting violent reactionarys

One of these groups who oppose all forms of hate, racism and classism are The two Food not Bombs chapters that operate in Venice Beach. This group has a long history of opposing the torture and criminalization of  the poor. Members of this International organization of non-violent  collectivists. Have been murdered, tortured and maimed by violent reactionaries around the world. In 2005 Timur Kacharava a Food not  Bombs volunteer In St. Petersburg Russia was viscously murdered by a  Neo-Nazi gang. They followed him and stabbed him to death after a Food  not Bombs serving for the Local unhoused (Homeless).

For more on this group

I mention the word torture because there have been recent lawsuits in La County and Santa Monica. Where the text in the lawsuit evokes the 8th Amendment. The Judges have agreed with the plaintiffs and their Lawyers That they where treated cruelly and unusually by the local authorities. Agreements have been made between the Courts and the local authorities that are supposed to change these cities policies towards their unhoused (homeless) population.

                     Amendment VIII (1791)
  No Cruelty Nor Excessive Fines, Excessive Bail Shall Not Be Required
  Nor Excessive Fines Imposed, Nor Cruel and Unusual Punishment

KFI radio, which to many is a hate radio station, jumped onto this alleged event. This radio station has a long history of broadcasting hate radio shows. Years ago they had shows that openly debated how to liquidate Unhoused (homeless) people. There was a public reaction that disagreed With this hate radio station. One local peace activist chained himself to the fence of the KFI office in protest.

Boston Dawna’s and other's attempt to turn public opinion against the human beings living in vehicles was just a cheap publicity stunt. Her sewer putsch brought out the most negative dehumanizing elements in Venice Beach. City attorneys being interviewed on the hate radio station. Politicians bringing out hazardous material trucks where two 55 gallon drums where filled with sludge from a sewer that hadn’t been cleaned in years. With a staged one sided press conference at this site on a Venice street corner.  The recent rejection of the permits to create overnight parking districts has angered the hate mongers. City Officials and police working with the reactionary putsch leaders are trying to run the street residents out. Humanistic groups have monitored these underhanded tactics with the hope that the people living on the streets of Venice will be given a little something, like a safe place to park their homes.

The Venice Justice Committee is one of the groups that opposes the Criminalization of the poor. This group was formed after a meeting with Micheal ZinZin at the Quaker House in Los Angeles. Micheal ZinZin was community leader who lost his eye after a police beating. A Court settlement was reached after this incident. He then formed Coalition Against Police abuse which documented and made complaints against police abuse. Members of the Venice Justice Committee are legal workers Who document the harassment of the people of Venice by any person or group who violates their civil and human rights. They are a liaison between the unhoused street residents of Venice Beach and attorneys who are Interested in representing them. The National Lawyers Guild, La Chapter and the ACLU are organizations they have worked with.  Members of Food not Bombs and the Venice Justice Committee have  received training in non-violent civil disobedience from civil rights  attorneys.

These organizations oppose the harassment and criminalization of the People living on the streets.

Venice/ Santa Monica Food not Bombs
Guerilla Food not Bombs
Venice Justice Committee
ARA  anti- racist action
I. W.W. Industrial Workers of the World

Books to read.

Handbook for Non-Violent action
Published by War Resistors League

Food not Bombs Handbook
C.T. Lawrence Butler and Keith Mchenry

On Conflict and Concensus
A Handbook on Formal Consensus Decision Making
C.T. Lawrence Butler and Amy Rothstein